Why You Should Begin Building a Relationship with Your Newborn’s Pediatrician After the First Visit

A pediatrician examining her newborn patient's heartbeat.

The American Board of Pediatrics certifies an average of 1,049 pediatricians per state. But qualifications on paper aren’t enough when choosing a pediatrician. Most parents don’t realize how crucial it is to start building a relationship with their newborn pediatrician.

Learn more about why a good relationship with your child’s pediatrician can offer the kind of peace of mind you need, whether you are a new parent or have had multiple kids.

Avoid Stressful Doctor Visits

Children, regardless of age, do not enjoy going to the doctor, even for routine checkups. This leads to stress and the development of negative emotions surrounding pediatric visits. The problem can worsen if they don’t consistently attend one location and get treatment from one person.

Building a relationship with your newborn’s pediatrician can help reduce your child’s anxiety and instill positive emotions about going to the doctor that can serve your child well throughout their life.

You also don’t have to feel stressed when your child goes to the doctor because you won’t have to tell your child’s medical history to each new physician.

Catch Issues Quickly

A newborn pediatrician who has known your child from the start will know the milestones they need to meet. Not all children are the same, so having someone on your side who has seen your child’s natural progress can assist in the early detection of developmental issues.

The pediatrician who has seen your child many times will also be able to put together constellations of concerning symptoms that point to a medical condition much more rapidly than a doctor who has just met them. This leads to a better diagnosis and faster treatment.

Your pediatrician can tell you what to expect from the developmental process, making regular visits essential for your child and you.

Collect a Comprehensive Medical History

Your newborn’s pediatrician will see your child during regular checkups and gather information on tests and vaccinations, creating a comprehensive medical history that can help in the future with the treatment of illnesses or in following health regimens.

If your child needs to see a specialist, your pediatrician can easily reference their medical records and collaborate effectively with the specialist.

Better Results When Treating Chronic Conditions

If your child has a chronic illness, ensuring that you and your child have a relationship with a newborn pediatrician can provide better outcomes. Some of the most common chronic conditions that appear during infancy and childhood include:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure issues
  • ADHD

Having a pediatrician on your side who can offer pulmonary services, nutritional evaluations, pediatric endocrinology, and more can ensure your child is in the right hands.

When you build a trusting relationship with your child’s doctor, you can also get help navigating the complexities of medical care, especially with chronic conditions. A doctor who knows your family, your circumstances, and what your child is most comfortable with will be able to make the best treatment decisions.

Prepare the Right Care Plan

A care plan is a framework that has to take into account:

  • Your child’s developmental needs
  • Environmental and family factors
  • Parenting capacity

A newborn pediatrician who knows your child and your family’s unique circumstances can help you prepare a care plan that addresses each challenge in a personalized manner.

Encourage Positive Habits

As your child ages, having a doctor they know and trust makes it easier for them to learn positive healthcare habits. Because they have confidence from past experiences in what the doctor says, they will not hesitate to accept new guidance.

Additionally, children who are fearful of medical procedures and vaccinations will likely feel more comfortable if they already have a rapport with their physician.

Choosing a Newborn Pediatrician You Can Count On

Deciding on the person who will monitor your child’s health and provide the care they need as they develop is challenging. You want to find a person who will put your child at ease during visits and who is ready to provide advice about navigating the childhood years when you need it. Contact our trusted pediatricians at Newport Children’s Medical Group, who provide expert, compassionate pediatric care for children of all ages, including newborns.