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Newport Children patient testimonials. See what our patients have to say about our doctors.

Patient Nina

Dr. Reda is wonderful. I have 3 kids and he has always been there for us. Very competent and knowledgeable doctor.

Patient Rocio

Dr. Reda is excellent at what he does. Very up to date and knowledgeable of current medicine. I fully trust his call of professionalism and am overall satisfied.

Patient Scarlette

Fantastic listener excellent Doctor great staff. Thank you for helping our daughter.

Patient Anthony R.

I have been coming here for over a year now and am always greeted warmly by the staff. The waiting area is clean and has plenty of toys that would keep my son occupied. The doctors are friendly and very knowledgeable. In fact all of the doctors have children and a few of them are new parents, which I found comforting so they understand the concerns of parents. The doctors clearly care about their patients and are diligent with the treatment they provide. It is especially helpful that Dr. Reda is a pulmonologist and can help with childhood asthma. This summer my son and I both contracted pneumonia.
Thank goodness for their same-day appointments and after hours urgent care!
I was getting better until my son got it and then I felt like i was getting sick (my pcp told me it was nothing, just residual effects) and while I was at Newport discussing my son’s pneumonia, the doctor could tell that I had developed a sinus infection and recommended I see my pcp again to get an Rx for stronger anti-biotics. The doctor was right, I did have a sinus infection that my pcp missed.
I have seen the previous reviews but I understand there is a new manager this year.

I expect to continue coming here and have recommended Newport Children’s Medical Group to several of my friends and coworkers. One of whom I know was greatly impressed with Dr. Reda and his help with her son’s asthma.

Patient Cami G.

Dr. Zacharia Reda is one of the most passionate and dedicated physicians I have ever known. Back in the in the year 2000, my son was born and Dr. Reda saved his life. Having an HMO medical insurance plan at the time, I had experienced a difficult time otaining medical treatment and testing authorized by the insurance company for my son. At that time, my son was very sick and medical testing was crucial. This went on for months. I tried and tried to get medical tests authorized by his pediatrician and HMO, yet was unsuccessful. As each day past, my son became sicker. I was told by his doctor at the time that the reason why the various antibiotics prescribed were not working was because my son had a virus. I knew something was wrong, so I chose to go out on my own. I was determined to find a medical specialist who would treat my son and find the answers as to why none of the antibiotics would work on him. I researched physicians in the local area and found Dr. Reda. I immediately called Dr. Reda’s office (Newport Childrens Medical Group), and explained my situation to Dr. Reda and his staff. I informed the office that I would have to pay cash to them because my medical insurance company was unwilling to authorize diagnostics testing and treatment with a medical specialist for my son. Dr. Reda agreed to see my son immediately and conducted all tests needed. Within days my son was diagnosed with a serious immune disorder called Hypogammaglobulinemia. Basically his immune system was not working and he was in need of emergency medical treatment (IVIG treatments and hospitalization), in order to save his life. My son was dying and medical treatment was critical. The infections in his little body were taking over because his immune system was not strong enough to overcome any illness. Dr. Reda began to battle the insurance company with me, advocating for treatment for my son. In a team effort, Dr. Reda collaborated with the assigned HMO physician with a goal to obtain authorization for emergency medical treatment. With great efforts, my son was finally admitted to CHOC Hospital for emergency medical treatment under life or death. Even though the HMO medical insurance company to this day has never authorized even one cent for my son’s medical treatment, that never stopped Dr. Reda nor did it stop CHOC Hospital. Dr. Reda made sure my son, who was not even one year old at the time, stay alive. I will always be grateful to Dr. Reda because he listened when nobody else would. That is what saved my sons’ life. If you are looking for a best friend for a Doctor, then Dr. Reda is not for you. If you are looking for one of the most knowledgeable, attentive and passionate physicians out there, then Dr. Reda is the one you should choose. It has been 12 years now. My son is presently very healthy and by the age of 5 his immune system began to work and start producing immunities. All of my children are now seen by Dr. Reda. Dr. Reda continues to be thought of and respected in the highest regard.
C. Greeley-Jepson and family

Patient Laila P.

I am so thankful to have Dr Reda take care of my 13 year daughter over and over .last Thursday she was very sick with strep throat
He immediately gave her 2 shots that quickly cured her in 3 days .
Our family is so fortunate and blessed to have him as my only daughter Doctor.

Patient Pascal B.

The staff is very helpful and professional.Dr.reda is especially the kindest of all.highly recommend this practice for anyone who is looking for a pediactric office that feels like family.ive known dr.reda for my whole life and u can never go wrong with him or the other doctors.

Patient Danny B.

Dr. Reda is a great pediatrician: very knowledgeable and friendly. The medical office is very professional and the staff is great.

Patient G G.

I have been coming here for the last 11 years. Love all the Doctors that both of my children have seen, they always find a solution to our problem. The staff is great always friendly and helpful with all of our questions. My son see’s DR. REDA for his asthma,he has managed to keep him under control. I love that they have after hours and weekends , so convenient. Love this Medical office.

Patient Nadine B.

I’ve tried a lot of pediatricians in Orange County, they are by far the most professional and helpful. If you are looking for doctors who actually care about your kids this is the place to go.Ask for Dr.Reda he’s the best!

Patient Shannon R.

I have been bringing my son to Dr Reda for over a year. He was diagnosed with Asthma and our PCP was not very helpful explaining what needed to be done or setting a treatment plan. When we went to Newport Children’s Group, Dr Reda gave us a slew of tests and was able to quickly diagnosis the problem. Holly is very nice to my son and he enjoys going to the office.
I would recommend Dr Reda and his office to anyone.

Patient Darla J.

We have been coming to Newport Children Medical group fo 10 years and have had the best care by all the Drs. I truly wouldn’t take my girls anywhere else. Dr. Reda listens and answers all your questions.

Patient Ellie R.

Dr. Reda is wonderful, we love him.He is very knowledgable and thorough.
He answers all our questions and never tries to rush us out. I highly recommend him.

Patient Megan H.

I absolutely LOVE Dr.Reda and ALL of the staff at Newport Children’s Medical Group! Every experience has been positive and I have always felt welcomed and very well taken care of. I don’t typically review businesses, but they truly deserve it…I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else!

Patient Gabby D.

My family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Reda and his entire staff!! We don’t trust anyone else with our kids health!

Patient Cybill

We drive over an hour to see him, even when the kids are sick. He is amazing!

Patient Scott

Our family loves our first visits with Dr. Reda and his staff. We have always had a great service from this office.

Patient Soleil

Dr. Reda saved Soleil’s life twice! We love Dr. Reda!

Patient Rocio

Dr. Reda is excellent ay what he does. Very up to date and knowledgeable of current medicine. I fully trust his call of professionalism and am overall satisfied.

Patient Shannon A.

I highly recommend Newport Children’s group! My daughter has a rare autoimmune disease and Dr.Reda diagnosed it immediately.. I had been to several doctors that said she just had a virus. He also got me into one of the best neurologist is town that same day! He also gave me directions on how to get there! He is extremely caring and I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. I was frantic when my daughter got sick and the front desk got us in immediately! The office is extremely clean and they even have a sick room. I highly recommend this office! They are truly amazing and incredibly caring staff!

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