Nursing Products


When we think of breastfeeding, we really don’t think much about the need for supplies or nursing products.  After all, the requirements are pretty simple; a pair of breasts and a newborn.  But for many women, there are products that can make nursing more comfortable, easier and convenient.  These nursing accessories can become a valuable and much-needed asset when life hands us those little challenges.   From breast pumps to nursing pillows to breast milk storage supplies, these essential nursing products  can make a woman’s bonding experience both peaceful and successful.


Women have many choices when it comes to essential nursing products.  Probably the most popular nursing product is the breast pump.  Breastpumps come in both electric and manual models, and with single or double pumps.  Electric breast pumps have rechargeable batteries with an ultra light motor and digital display with memory, timer and a backlight.  Besides the latest innovations in breast pumps and breast pump supplies, women who breastfeed can expect secure and stylish shoulder bags and backpacks for easy, on-the-go and compact travel.

Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows are also a popular option that not only securely positions a baby for feeding, but makes it easier for them to latch quickly.  A couple of options include the popular boppie, a u-shaped pillow that snuggles a baby as it nurses, twin pillows and the Shumsky® Therapeutic pillow designed to uniquely fit the contours of the body to promote parent to child bonding.

Nursing Bra

Another nursing mom essential is the nursing bra complete with pads.  A myriad of options exist when choosing the right nursing bra.  Nursing mothers can choose from seamless underwire, seamless soft cup, light support, padded underwire and hands-free pump bras.  Some nursing bras are available with removable cotton pads that can be machine washed.  Soft nursing pads are a lifesaver for effective and discreet protection from leakage.  Moms who are strapped for time may find nursing bras with disposable pads both simple and convenient.

Nursing Gowns and Pajamas

Besides nursing bras mothers can find nursing gowns and pajamas in a variety of styles, colors and some that come with built-in shelf bras.  Nursing covers are also a favorite for chic coziness on-the-go when breastfeeding can’t wait and privacy becomes a necessity.  Moms can choose from a large selection of prints in a wide variety of materials for any type of climate.

Another essential nursing product in Mom’s breast feeding arsenal is a tube of Lanolin lotion.  This soothing relief for sore nipples also prevents nipples from cracking and bleeding.  It can be found at many drugstores, online and even in some grocery chains.  With its all-natural ingredients, it’s perfectly safe for both mom and baby.  Many brands do not need to be removed prior to nursing, be sure to check the label for more specific information.

Essential Vitamins

Perhaps the most sought after essential nursing product is the vitamin lecithin. Lecithin has been widely recommended to reduce the risk of clogged milk ducts in nursing mothers.  It’s also a very common food additive and is found naturally in many foods.