Pediatricians & Staff

Zacharia Reda

Zacharia Reda


Specialties: primary pediatrics, Asthma, Pulmonary, Critical care and hospital medicine


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Alexander Tu M.D. FAAP Headshot

Alexander Tu


Specialties: primary pediatrics, well-child exams, immunizations, diabetes, asthma, lung and thyroid disorders, developmental disorders, autism and oral health Read More

Cara Todd M.D. FAAP

Cara Todd


Specialties: inpatient and outpatient care

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Dr. Misra Headshot

Asha Misra


Specialties: inpatient and outpatient care, adolescents and young adults

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Valerie Sheppard M.D., FAAP

Valerie Sheppard


Specialties: newborns, care of twins/multiples, and ADHD management


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Frances Duda M.D.

Frances Duda


Specialties: primary pediatrics, diagnosing and treating developmental and behavioral issues

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Sandra Kullum M.D., FAAP Headshot

Sandra Kellum


Specialties: pediatric inpatient & outpatient care, newborn care, nutrition, respiratory conditions, and skin diseases

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Glenn Katz M.D. FAAP Headshot

Glenn Katz


Specialties: newborn and adolescent medicine, pediatric preventative care


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Elsa Fernandez M.D. FAAP (Retired)

Elsa Fernandez

M.D., FAAP (Retired)

Specialties: primary pediatric care, diabetes, obesity, development issues, and pediatric disorders

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Jay Rothman M.D. (Retired)

Jay Rothman

M.D. (retired)


Specialties: pediatric care,  pediatric preventative care

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Friendly Staff

Newport Children's Medical Group Staff with 7 Dwarves Plushies

Pediatric care specialists, Physician assistants, LVN  and medical assistants have a very complex role and specialize in caring for newborns, childrens and adolescents.

They assist physicians and are responsible for the initial picture your children will see when visiting the doctor’s office. A happy friendly face helps to put your children at ease.

The care providers with Newport Children’s Medical Group have over 50 years collective experience in pediatric care in both In Patient and Outpatient settings. Our care providers strive to establish relationships of trust with our young patients and their parents in an environment that often involves frightening and sometimes painful situations. Every encounter with a new patient consists of a challenge to gain confidence and cooperation.

They work hard to address parents’ concerns about their children being treated and regarded as an individual reflecting the value parents place on continuity of care.