William Holm, M.D., FAAP

Pediatrician located in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA & Costa Mesa, CA

About Dr. Holm


William Holm, MD, is a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist providing high-quality care to children of all ages at Newport Children’s Medical Group. Serving the practice locations in Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach, California, Dr. Holm brings over 32 years of experience in outpatient and inpatient pediatrics and endocrinology. 

Dr. Holm received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, and finished his residency at Los Angeles County (LAC) + University of Southern California (USC) Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He completed his fellowship in endocrinology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Experience and Specialties

At Newport Children’s Medical Group, Dr. Holm has a specialty in treating children, from infants to adolescents, with diabetes, pediatric obesity, or with early and delayed growth and puberty disorders. He also treats thyroid, adrenal and metabolic disorders, as well as hormonal imbalances and polycystic ovary (PCOS) in female patients. 



Dr. Holm is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and was on the faculty at USC.

All our Drs are Proud Fellows of the AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics



When Dr. Holm is not practicing medicine, he enjoys photography as well as spending time with his family.