The Importance of Newborn Care: Why You Need a Specialist for Both You and Your Baby

A woman coming home from the hospital and holding her newborn baby.

Whether you have a newborn or are currently expecting, having a specialist guide you through these first stages of caring for a child is essential. Childbirth can bring intense feelings of anxiety and, in some cases, depression. An expert pediatrician can provide newborn care that eases much of your anxiety and guides you through breastfeeding, bathing, and more.

What Constitutes Newborn Care?

When you think of newborn care, you may believe it only refers to the period immediately after your child is born, before you even leave the hospital. In reality, newborn care extends far past the hours and days following childbirth.

With newborn care, your pediatrician provides physical, mental, and emotional guidance for several months after your baby is born, gradually transitioning into infant and childhood care as time goes on.

7 Reasons Newborn Care Is Important

Newborn care is a specific pediatric subset that aims to ease the difficulties that can arise during those initial months of caring for your baby. Breastfeeding, sleeping schedules, and diaper changing can all be tricky for new parents to navigate. Newborn care can make a tremendous difference, helping make this time much easier.

The following are seven reasons why newborn care is so important for you and your baby:

1. Extended Support for New Parents

The first few months following childbirth are exciting but can also be incredibly stressful. New parents benefit from having a strong support system that extends past friends and family. Your pediatrician’s office can provide that added support through newborn care, serving as a resource for the many questions and concerns of caring for a new baby.

2. Management for Postpartum Depression

A largely overlooked issue after childbirth is postpartum depression. Many people have a misconception that postpartum depression and anxiety only occur in the days and weeks following labor, but these feelings can extend for months to years after having a child.

Pediatricians screen new mothers for postpartum depression during regular newborn care visits. Using a series of questions, they can identify postpartum depression symptoms and then help connect you with a specialist to receive proper care.

3. Professional, Specialized Treatment

One of the main benefits of newborn care is that you and your baby receive specialized care. Pediatricians are highly trained in caring for newborn babies and postpartum issues that can impact new moms. This makes your pediatrician a great person to consult with for an expert opinion when you have questions or concerns.

4. Establish a Routine for the Baby

Nearly all new parents struggle with establishing a routine for themselves and their baby. Newborns require care around the clock, which can impact your sleeping habits, throw off your meal times, and even impact your work schedule. A newborn care specialist can work with you to help establish a schedule that benefits both you and your baby.

5. Navigating Breastfeeding

A tricky aspect of caring for a newborn is mastering breastfeeding. Many mothers face breastfeeding challenges, including getting their baby to latch properly. A newborn care specialist or expert pediatrician can help you navigate breastfeeding to ensure your baby gets the nutrition it needs.

6. Encourage Bonding Between Parents and Baby

Something that happens very often is the inability to bond with your infant in the weeks or months following birth. Many parents feel shame or inadequacy over this, but it is incredibly normal and common. A specialist can help you with bonding activities that naturally build closeness between yourself and your new baby, helping create a closer connection.

Can Identify Common Infant Illnesses

Newborn babies are susceptible to many unique health concerns, such as infant jaundice, colic, and diaper rash. An expert pediatrician or newborn specialist can easily identify these concerns and provide the best possible treatment to resolve them.

Getting Top-Quality Newborn Care

If you are an expecting mother and concerned about different aspects of newborn care, contact Newport Children’s Medical Group. Our team of pediatricians is expertly trained in these areas and can help you work through the initial stages of caring for your baby. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for parents and children, helping you start your parenting journey on the best foot.