Fashion Island office Parking Lot

Left side of 1401 Avocado Building under Parking Structure


Close to John Wayne Airport

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Due to the limited appointment available, All fees paid are NON REFUNDABLE.
No insurance billing will be done by NCMG for services and testing. Any insurance 
information collected is for use by the outside laboratory when a specimen is referred.

Once you book your appointment, you are aware &

understand that it is at the Lab’s discretion to reprocess the specimen,

due to an inconclusive result and the test may need to be re-processed

with a delay receiving test results. There will be no refund if the

laboratory needs to re-process the test, to get accurate results.

Re-processing of the tests will typically be

delayed 24 hours/ next day. NCMG & OC Rapid test will not

be held responsible for any kind of financial loss due to

the delay of your test results.

*For safety reasons, all samples are collected in our office parking lots.


  • Please follow the driving directions (see below).
  • Park in the suggested area and have your emergency lights on.
  • Please remain in your car with your mask on.
  • Our staff, geared with PPE, will perform the test while you are in the car.
When to test:




  • Not indicated for travel
  • Exposure: 3-4 days after
  • Sick: 2 days after onset of symptoms
  • Return to work or school: 14 days after onset of symptoms

PCR Test:

  • Indicated for most international travel within 72 hours
  • Insurance information or valid SS or US ID Required
  • Cash option apply for non-valid US ID or Social Security Number
  • Exposure: 2 days after
  • Sick: 2 days after onset of symptoms

For any questions please call: 949-644-0970

Upon Booking you will receive an email confirmation. Please
complete your registration required for contact and reporting purposes.

Fashion Island

Monday – Friday

For more Appointments check our MacArthur/Newport Location

Fashion Island Office Building


1401 Avocado St Ste 802, Newport Beach, CA 92660


(Testing Offered in Parking Lot on the Left Side of Building)

MacArthur Newport Beach

Sunday – Monday


1701-H Corinthian Way

Newport Beach, CA 92660

(next to John Wayne Airport)


(Click on the image for directions)

Costa Mesa

Saturday – Sunday

COVID-19 Safe Outdoor Testing

Test before you travel • Test before you return to school or work!

All tests are available for adults, children and infants, and offer accurate results (1% false negatives). They are performed outdoors by professionally trained staff in PPE. Oxygen saturation, heart rate, and temperature screening included. Tests have minimal wait time and are by appointment only. Telemedicine consultation recommended for symptomatic patients or positive results. Phone screening and physician order included.

Due to limited appointments, all fees are non-refundable and not covered by insurance. All fees will not be billed to your insurance. Any insurance information collected is used strictly for outside labs.

Rapid Antigen Test (Nasal)

  • $130 Rapid Antigen Test same day
  • $150 Rapid-Antigen + Flu A & B same day (nasal, one swab)
  • $290 Rapid Test (same day) + PCR Test (next day after 8pm)
  • Adults, infants, and children
  • Same-day results, sent via HIPAA secure text
  • Ensures safe return to work or school
  • Results are 98% accurate, as per recent study data

Blood Test Antibodies

  • IGM/IGG: $100 (same day)

PCR Test (Nasal or Throat)

Insurance info or SS/US ID Required

  • $300 per test (2 hr result)
  • $250 per test (same day result) Limited appointments available (tests to be performed before noon)
  • $160 per test (Next Day Result by 8pm) + Insurance
  • $290 Rapid Antigen & PCR Test (next day result by 8:00pm)
  • $260 PCR + antibody IGM (next day result by 8pm)
  • $350 PCR + antibody IGM (same day result result by 8pm)
  • Adults, infants, and children
  • Meets travel requirements
  • Result sent via HIPPA secure text
  • FDA Approved Lab