NCMG Telehealth Visits

  • All NCMG telehealth consultations are compliant with HIPAA & Telehealth platform requirements.
  • All telehealth visits are documented in the patient chart same as other in person visits.
    • Prior to your visits:
        1. Please download the heart rate App from your App store, in order to measure your child’s heart rate.
        2. Please record your child’s temperature & note any signs of breathing problems.
        3. You will need these vital signs during your consultation.

For future visits please consider buying a pulse oximeter finger stick from your pharmacy or amazon, it will help you monitor heart rate and oxygen levels when needed.

Our Landing Page can be found at:

To Schedule your Telemedicine consultation:

    • Call our offices to schedule a telehealth consult for your child.
    • Our staff will guide you through the steps necessary for your appointment.
    • Please check that you have a good strong internet connection prior to your Telehealth Consult.
    • Please visit our landing page
    • Select the provider to which you have an appointment with.
    • Type the patient’s name in the “Welcome!” Box to notify your provider that you are in the waiting room.
    • Please wait for your provider to start the consultation, as they might be with another patient.
    • Once your Telehealth consult has been initiated you will be able to discuss with your provider and questions or concerns you may have.

You can also find our providers rooms: