Sports Pre-Participation Physical (PPE)

  • Sports Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE)
  • Exercise and Endurance Evaluation
  • Nutritional Evaluation and BMR Testing
  • Concussion Management and Impact Testing
  • Weight Management Program
  • CPET and VO2 Max Evaluation
  • Echo and Cardiac Evaluation

Pre-Participation Sports Physical Exam (PPE)

Pre-participation physical examinations (PPE) are important to ensure the safety and health of children as they participate in athletic activities. These exams must be completed annually by a physician in order to determine if your child has developed any condition which would make it hazardous to participate in an athletic event.

Your child will also receive a baseline neuropsychiatric IMPACT test, which will aid in the management of possible future concussion injury. Please visit our concussion management section for additional information.